From Principal Desk

Prof. Hemant Kumar
It gives me immense pleasure and joy in welcoming our visitors at Ronhat College. It goes without saying that it is an honour and privilege to be the first Principal of the Ronhat College, which is considered to be one of the remotest educational institutions of this state. Here at the college we are taking care of all round personality development leading towards excellence career by paying personal attention to every individual student. Our teachers are successfully detecting creative possibilities dormant in our students and encouraging them to reach new heights. I am sure that our students are now grown enough to realise the true spirit of education. Here I want to point out that education is not just passing examination and receiving Degrees, it is, at bottom, a simultaneous development of body and mind and the true aim of education is building up of sound character. I wish to urge our students who are reading should prepare for examination with full sincerity and honesty. I hope that students would not lose self-confidence. Here I want to point out that one may face disappointments but they are temporary. Honest efforts would finally lead to success in life. It should never be forgotten that no career, however, bright is a history of uninterrupted success. I have to say that it should be our paramount aim to determine our goals and make sincere and honest efforts to achieve our aim. I am a happy person as teaching as well as non-teaching staff and students are rendering their wholehearted support and corporation for making the college the Center of Excellence. By such a company of talented teachers and disciplined students, I hope, that our vision would materialize as we are successfully braving all the difficulties.